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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Babble

My MRI is today at 5:00 and I'm feeling anxious. I will be taking Valium for this test and this fact brings me some comfort. See? Find the positive in any situation! I'm working part time in the office for a plumber with the administrator, Sherri, who is also my friend. The NP called me yesterday at work to let me know she was calling in some meds for my MRI. Maybe I'm paranoid but she sounded funny on the phone. The familiar funny like she knew something she wasn't telling me. Please let it just be paranoia. In any case, supposedly I'll have the results by Friday or maybe even sooner. I'm hoping to post good news.

So we had Justin's hockey tournament this weekend in Marlborough. It was fun, exciting, and exhausting. The first game was on Wednesday and we commuted for this and our team won. The next game was Friday night. We checked into the hotel early in the day and spent the day swimming and such. Our team tied 2-2 but we should have won because we clearly scored a goal but neither ref. saw the puck pass the line. We had it on tape and I almost got thrown out of the rink for my big mouth. I can't do anything other than laugh. I do have a problem where I turn into a crazy hockey mom and it's not under my control. As soon as the game starts I feel a shift from within and I become a looney tune. Saturday night we had another late game and we won. Our next game was very early Sunday morning and the team pulled it together for another win. This brought us to the playoff game. Sadly we lost. If we won we would have played our 3rd game, the championship game at 5:00. But since we didn't we had time to kill because we had a 9:00 PM game at Merrimack College for out regular season that we couldn't get out of. That would have been 4 games in one day. As it was, we lost the game at Merrimack. Our kids were so visibly exhausted that I honestly don't know how they even managed to stand up let alone skate. And you should have seen us parents. You would have thought by looking at us that we were the ones who played hockey.

That's all for now~

Love and light,


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Thursday, February 22, 2007


OK so here it is. A few months back I found a lump and I've avoided it until last week. I got up the nerve one night and sent an e-mail to my surgeon. The next day I got a call from her Nurse Practioner. My surgeon was on vacation but the nurse practioner had me come in that day to examine me and have an ultrasound performed. The ultrasound didn't show anything and the NP didn't feel what I did but the doctor who was with her did and they decided this warranted further tests. So today was my CT Scan. As far as I knew this would be the only test. I did my usual fasting and arrived at Dana Farber at 7:15 to begin my 90 minute process of drinking the oral contrast. I have to admit that I liked the fact that I was alone. I enjoyed the quiet and the fact that I got to read a magazine cover to cover without any interruptions! The scan went fine, just a little trouble with the IV but that is common with me. I won't have the results until sometime next week.

As I was leaving the hospital I saw that I had a message on my cell. I knew I heard my cell ringing after the scan! It was my surgeon's coordinator and when I spoke to her she said the doc wants a bilateral MRI done as soon as possible. I'm trying not to panic and would like to think that they just want to be as thorough as possible leaving no stones unturned. But still there's that little voice thinking other things. In any case, I scheduled the MRI for Wednesday at Dana Farber.

On another note, I have been having a few symptoms in which I saw a neurologist and it seems things are fine as far as that goes. The other possible cause for these symtoms are cardiac related so I had an EKG which was fine and a resting Echocardiogram. The Echo showed small Mitral Regurgitation. ["Any disorder that weakens or damages the mitral valve or causes the left ventricle to become widened (dilated) may lead to mitral regurgitation. Over time, more blood backs up into the left atrium from the left ventricle, and the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the rest of the body. This may lead to congestive heart failure".] This may explain the symptoms and is just another thing to follow up with someday. That and the fact that I have an Umbilical and sub-Umbilical Hernia which I guess I should fix but who has the time?

Anyway, you may be wondering why I haven't posted any of this earlier. I mean the whole idea of this site is to keep you up to date and I know this,but the fact is I have a tendancy toward denial. My conscious denies everything which is bad because my subconscouis doesn't forget and it comes out in dreams and takes a toll on me. I want to point that out to any readers out there because your mind and body are so connected. You must take care of both!! Stress can have mild and detrimental effects! Never forget that.

Enough lecturing. On to non medical related babble. Peter has returned from Cabo with stories, pictures, and of course a tan. I'm jealous. He really and truly needed this vacation. He works so hard and is always on the go. I'll post some of pics soon.

Casey has her last basketball game of the season on Saturday. She has improved so much this season and I anticipate that she will continue to do so. It's so cute to watch them play! Soon it will be time for softball to begin and now Casey has decided she must be a cheerleader this year. And I thought we had no time!

Justin of course keeps me running with Hockey. Not that I mind because I just love hockey and wish I could play! The season is almost over and I'm a little sad to see it go. This weekend we have our tournament in Marlborough, that should be fun.

Molly is getting big and is so darn cute! She's adapting well and brings much love to our home.

That's all for now because I am getting booted off the computer by my son.

Love and light,


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

To me, Valentine's Day is more than just showing your significant other how you feel. Sure it's about LOVE. Loving others, yourself, your children, friends, family, neighbors, pets, nature and just about the fact that there IS LOVE! If you don't feel love then you are missing something. Love is one of the biggest components to life. There is no life without love. You cannot live, really live, without love. How many people forget this? Maybe we need more holidays as a rememberance.

Love and light,


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who is eenie?

I just noticed a post from eenie from January 2006. Who is eenie? Are you there? If so how are you doing since your surgery? I feel awful to have overlooked this!


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Hello Molly!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we named the puppy Molly. It took a few days to decide unanimously but we did it together. Molly seems to fit. I have to say that I knew having a puppy would be a lot of work, but I am enjoying this experience and Molly is smarter than I ever imagined she could be. She sleeps amazingly well at night and has such a sweet disposition. Even Peter, who isn't crazy about small dogs seems to have taken to her more than he'd admit. And Molly either came here already trained to fetch whatever we throw, sit pretty for a treat, and come when she's called or she's an extremely fast learner!

Molly came from Missouri with her brother (who still doesn't have a name). My friend Alison bought a Shih Tzu for her friend Paul. Molly and I went to Alison's a few days after they arrived and the two puppies instantly recognized each other. It was the cutest thing I ever saw.

Until later,

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Picture of the puppy

Now, does anyone have any ideas on what to name her?

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Hello 2007

Welcome 2007!!
I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. Once again I haven't written in some time. My last few entries were in regards to our tenants and that is a chapter I can add to my book- file under "horror story"

Peter and I had a rocky start to our relationship with the added stress of the tenant situation. I wouldn't have blamed him if he took off running. But I am happy to say that we survived it and I'd like to say it made us stronger as a couple. Peter is such a good man with a heart of gold and strength. This has to be true to put up with me wouldn't you say? I'm easy to please yet so complicated! Well whatever the case may be, I'm eternally grateful to be sharing my life with him.

My health is somewhat stable. My main complaint is that I have every symptom of Hypothyroidism but my initial blood testing puts me within the normal range but at the high end. I'm struggling the most with always being cold. And when I say cold, I am literally suffering with this and so much so that I can become a basket case from it. Writing this sounds silly unless you've been there. I've also been steadily losing my mind so much that I thought I have Dementia or something along those lines. I get overwhelmed so easily that it causes extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't realize that these symptoms fall under Hypothyroidism also. This news comforted me. I need help.

Now about my Heart. My Echocardiogram showed some Mitral valve regurgitation. This could become very serious and I will have to have some additional testing. I'm ashamed to say that I've been putting it off but as soon as I'm done with this posting I am calling the doc to book an appointment. While I only know the basics, this condition is caused from the chemo.

Now on to some good news!

Tonight we are getting a puppy! She's arriving at Logan airport where we will be there to greet her, then rush Justin off to hockey practice and then to parent/teacher conference. This puppy is going to have to learn real quick that this family is always on the go.

I'd like to post a picture but I'm having trouble doing so.

Until later........... and as always,
Love and light,


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