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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


All the abnormalities seen on previous scans are stable except for the right renal cyst which presents as "without significant change". This is the best news that I could ask for and is known to us patients as NED (No Evidence of Disease). Yay me!

I wish this news for my friends and family as well as yours. So many are not living among us any longer. Many are months, weeks, days or minutes from taking their last breath. Some have small children who are defenseless over the fate of their parent's as well as themselves.

While I love "no significant change" in some case, I want SIGNIFICANT change to occur now in medicine. I want CANCER GONE. Don't you?

We are going to do this. We will find a way and it will happen. How fast it happens all depends on how fast we can raise the money for these clinical trials.

Do you want to help? Can you spare one dollar and ask everybody to do the same? If so please either visit our website to donate or mail your checks to me at 80 Harvard St. Malden, MA 02148 made payable to: Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc

Love and light,


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I’m about to make the drive to Dana Farber where my scan results will be revealed. After 11 years, am I still in remission from breast cancer and melanoma? After 8 years am I still in remission from Angiosarcoma or the other melanoma? Has my luck run out? Was it luck at all? Was it just all the treatments I received that led to my remissions or was it because I chose to include methods, such as Reiki, to compliment traditional medicines? I don’t know. I don’t know what the doctor is about to tell me. If he tells me my scans look good, will that put my mind at ease? After all, I was told everything was fine for many months when in fact three lumps were Angiosarcoma but were perceived as glandular tissue. If I didn’t push so hard, who knows if I would still be here to write this.
I can ponder every minute of every day and it’s not going to change anything. I can choose to spend my time wondering, hoping, praying or worrying but what will that accomplish? In one year we lost so many people to Angiosarcoma that I lost count. I need to survive.

I know that finding a cure for Angiosarcoma is going to open the doors for the cure to most other cancers. I know that our organization has made leaps and bounds in our research and has a promising drug ready to go to clinical trials and this could lead to the answer. I know that we are helping create another drug because we will leave no stones unturned. I know that we need more help, more awareness and more money to see this through. I know that I will do my part to make this happen.

I can’t do anything about the things I don’t know so I choose to do something about the things I do know!


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