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Thursday, October 25, 2007


The RED SOX are going to win the WORLD SERIES!!

Last night's game was AWESOME!! I am not naive and realize that not all the games will turn out like last night but I believe we will prevail!

Here's a picture of last night's hero~

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Birth Announcement!

Welcome Kylie Marie Arsenault!!

Amie gave birth to Kylie on Tuesday, October 23 at 12:25 PM. Kylie arrived weighing in at 7lbs 5oz (the smallest of her 3 siblings) and is 21 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and we are thrilled that baby sister is finally here! Amie and baby may be coming home tomorrow!

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On Sunday the mother's versed our daughters in a softball game. We had the best weather we could ask for. Mom's had a pretty good lead until our daughters caught up in the 3rd inning. By the last inning the moms were up by several runs. We spoke about the possibility of letting our girls win but majority wanted no part in that! The bottom of the last inning was exciting for the girls. Somehow we moms made error after error and each of our daughter's had an at-bat and scored. It was so cute and ended exactly the way I like.

Casey was thrillled to be able to pitch to me as shown above.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


We did it!! Josh Beckett you're my hero! I slept very well last night-thank you very much! I do have to mention that Coco Crisp needs to step it up. The player that disturbs me the most is Julio Lugo. Jacoby Ellsbury should have went in for him NOT Manny!! What are they thinking????? I think Dustin Pedroia is going to prove himself now, I believe he's ready and I am trying hard not to give up on him.
I love when they show the players being all silly like Papelbon even if it's from previous games. It brings the moral up for me anyway. Saturday Justin has a hockey game in Tyngsboro so it will be a race against the clock to get home for the first pitch. I should have gone to Fenway after the game to wait in line for tickets to tomorrow's game!

Yesterday I saw the Neurologist. He would like to make sure it's not something serious in my brain affecting my body temperature so they'd like to look at my brain, more specifically the hypothalmus by doing an MRI. My appt is at 6am tomorrow morning and I will be heavily sedated. Why am I so claustrophobic in my old age? Anyway my neuro exam shows that I have pretty much no reflexes left and the sensations on my right side pale in comparison to the left. Most likely a result from the chemo. I'm thankful don't get me wrong, but long term side effects bite the big one. I think most of my aches and pains can be explained this way and it's not old age!! lol

Ok-enough rambling for now.

Love and light,


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boston Red Sox

My gosh, why didn't they keep Tim Wakefield in to finish off the 5th inning last night? There were already 2 outs! I am willling to bet that Cleveland wouldn't have scored any more runs and then Lester could have started the 6th inning. I am panic stricken. Tomorrow night I may need to to take valium before the game. I barely slept a wink last night and it is affecting my mood in a big way.

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Friday, October 12, 2007


The other morning I babbled about the regulation of my body temperature or should I say lack of. I got myself so worked up that instead of waiting to call the doctor when they opened, I pasted what I blogged about into an e-mail and sent it to him. He probably thinks I'm nuts, which I am (lol), but I don't care. He forwarded the e-mail to the oncology fellow who works with him and she called me later that day but of course I missed the call. Anyway, she called me the next day (yesterday) to tell me that they feel bad that I feel let down and not taken seriously. She booked me an appointment with my Neurologist and another Endocrinologist. I am already scheduled for my usual CT scan and to see my Oncologist at the beginning of December so hopefully I will have some answers by then. This may just be something that cannot be fixed but there are so many tests that have not been performed so until I exhaust those options I cannot settle for less. I'm the one who preaches that we know our bodies better than anyone and know when something is wrong. Trust your gut and don't give up. Every year I suffer and go through the same thing but I always give up once the spring hits because I can tolerate it much easier. It's a little funny how well the hockey and softball parents know me. They laugh at how bundled up I can get during practices and games! I know the answer, it's metabolic but I don't know enough apparently so I will begin a new venture and start my research.

So that's my update on that. I must go to work now. I am working for an after school program, the one my children used to attend. I actually used to work there many, many years ago and I am back part time.

Love and light,


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall is here and I feel it.

Yep, fall is here and I feel...........COLD!! I just want to enjoy the brisk weather, not dread it. I am sick, sick, sick of this. It's too early in the season to suffer. What the *%@# is wrong with me? Not to mention that I've been up since 3:00 AM tossing and turning. Finally decided to get out of bed and am now sipping sleepy time tea and venting my feelings online.

I'm calling my doctors and demanding they find some answers. Whatever controls or regulates my body temperature is BROKEN!! You don't have to be a doctor to know this. I was FREEZING tonight, nothing unusual, wrapped in several layers and looking like a darn mummy watching tv. Fell asleep on the couch to wake up so HOT! Then I have to strip off the layers, put a cold wash cloth behind my neck and lay in front of the fan so that my feet are in front of it because they are burning up. This take another hour or so and by then it's overkill and I'm back to being cold. My body will not register anything until it's too late. So something's broken and I cannot go another winter in &%$#&%$ HELL!
It's gone on wayyyyyyyyy too long and I cannot find the humor in it anymore.

I'm going to have to set a deadline to find some help. If I don't have any answers by then, I am just going to fix myself...what's that called..self medicate? Last year I saw a specialist who did the usual TSH run of the mill bloodwork. Everything was in the normal range. Nothing they can do to help so it must be all in my head. Well I am hear today after 7 (seven) years still complaining of the same thing. Blame in on chemo or whatever else to think of I don't care anymore just fix ME!!!!!!!!!!

**Sigh**- Well I feel a little better now that I've vented. I've just finished the last of my sleepy time tea and am now going to my couch where I will watch tv until I drift back to sleep hopefully. It's that or I bring out the vacuum and wake everybody up. Maybe I should hit the gym!

Love and light,


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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Unfortunately I will be unable to attend some of the festivities at the re-union this weekend. A friend of mine lost her Mom yesterday and the funeral is on Saturday. I would have loved to join fellow band members as they marched from MHS to the stadium. Those memories are cherished. This is Peter's scheduled class re-union year so at least I will be there in the evening.

Love and light,


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