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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I was in such a hurry to get started with my life that i was born in the elevator. Mom's water broke during her weekly Majong game and she was immediately taken to the hospital. There in the ER, the woman at the front desk was trying to obtain more information while the nurse is screaming "There's no time for this". There in the elevator I made my appearance. My mom used to say to me "You're always in a hurry to get nowhere. You were in a hurry to be born and you've been in a hurry ever since". Well I now have a theory on that. Through the story of my life you will read and experience the adversities I faced as well as the pain, suffering and sadness. Don't worry! There are many happy and funny things too. What you will come to realize is that I am not looking for pity in any way shape or form. I believe with my whole heart that I chose this life and which lessons I wanted to complete. I believe I chose more than the average person. A lot more. And because I had so much to endure to learn from, I was in a hurry to begin. The reasons I chose this life are: to pass it on, pay it forward and teach. I either chose it or it was chosen for me. Either way it is my absolute pleasure to help in any way I can and I embrace it with the highest honor.

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