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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food for thought and plenty to share!

There remains so much to learn in life beyond the current academic foundation— which in my opinion, currently exists in desperate need of restructure and currently lacks a few key fundamentals.  I think most of understand that our children are the future and the world has come a long way in evolving technologically as we strive for a brighter future. While I could elaborate on my opinion of every aspect of our current educational system, my focus today is only on what I deem imperative and crucial— food for thought.

Many of us probably had a science teacher demonstrate how energy works using some sort of device where we can visually witness cause and effect. For example, ten students formed a circle. A ball was placed between two of the students who were instructed to place one of their hands on the ball and then to grab hold of the hand of the person next to them. Once it was established that all in the circle were holding hands, the energy circuit was complete and the ball lit up. One person within the circle was then instructed to let go of one their hands to demonstrate a break in the circuit which caused the light to go out. This was a basic yet important lesson in the transmission of energy.

We each have an energy field which surrounds us but can vary greatly in size and strength.  This next demonstration should expand upon the basic and hopefully result in the understanding I so desperately wish to offer:

Again we have ten students and a teacher all standing on one side of the room.  One student (we’ll call her Laura) is then instructed to move to the opposite side of the room. The teacher has an instrument with two prongs that detects energy. The prongs remain close together but will begin to separate upon the detection of energy. The teacher begins taking steps toward Laura with the instrument to establish where her energy field begins and the prongs widen once she is five feet away from Laura.  The teacher then returns back to the other side of the room where she instructs all the students to simply think something bad about Laura. The teacher then repeats the experiment to detect Laura’s energy only this time the prongs don’t detect/widen from five feet away, in fact it isn’t until she is barely one foot away that the energy is detected. The class is stunned! How can Laura’s energy field be reduced by negative thoughts directed at her? Laura’s energy field was decreased significantly because the negative thoughts/energy outweighed the positive.  So the teacher repeats this once again only the class is instructed to think something good about Laura. This time her energy field is detected from ten feet away! In order to restore her energy, the negative thoughts would have to cease.  Laura’s energy field was not only restored once the class directed positive thought, but it grew significantly once the good outweighed the bad.

To think that we are all unconsciously affected by what is around us! It's a key! We all have the ability to affect not only ourselves, but also others by what we project with our thoughts alone. Now imagine millions of angry people who want nothing more than peace in this world. How in the world can we ever expect that to manifest?!

 But there’s so much more!

We emit a field of energy that surrounds us. The size and strength of that energy field depends on our well- being as a whole, comprised of the collective condition of our body, mind and spirit. To achieve, maintain or restore a state of balance and well-being, all must be cared for, properly nourished and maintained. Most of us know the obvious— food and water keep the body going and that proper nourishment depends on what kinds of foods we choose to consume. The same is true as far as sleep and exercise are concerned.  From an individual standpoint, think about what results can manifest in your body by what you fuel it with (what foods, thoughts and activities) and how your own negativity can affect yourself—your energy— and those around you. If your energy field is small as the result of negative thoughts/feelings, illness/disease…it will no doubt in some way have an impact on those around you.

 While I could really expand upon the different ways to fuel and nourish the body, mind and spirit, I’m just going to touch upon the spirit because it relates directly to everything and everyone— both individually and collectively. This is the key most important, most neglected, overlooked and forgotten element which happens to be the core foundation within all of us. How can we expect to continue building upon an unstable and broken foundation?

 Body, mind and spirit—we all come from the same energy source/core foundation.  Our spirit (foundation) requires maintenance and nourishment too! There are many ways to do it and we all have access to tap/tune into the source to nourish and maintain our spirit yet we fail to understand that this is crucial to our foundation. Not only that but— this where all the answers are found! If you’ve ever wondered why the world is the way it is and where we went wrong, I’m telling you—it’s because we are out of tune and so far disconnected from the very source that put us here.

 If each of us would focus our shift by taking the necessary steps in caring for ourselves as a whole first, we would be restoring our individual foundation resulting with the expansion of our own individual energy field.  My mission is to find a way to shed light on the fact that we cannot repair our universal foundation to effect the healing of the current state of our world until we first— do it within ourselves! Doing this is the only way to grow the energy to the point where the good outweighs the bad. Once this happens, the bad can no longer exist.

We were all given free will to exist however we choose but I, along with many others, feel (know) it came with the intention or expectation that we would remain in touch with— and utilize– our source. It’s time to awaken and remember because our world depends on it.

 While we know that it’s impossible to get everyone on board, remember— it only takes a percentage of positive to overcome the negative.

I’ve prepared this food for thought with the same secret ingredient I use in every recipe. We all know what that is. I ask that you at least take a taste, let it digest and share it with everyone you know. There is plenty to go around.

With love and light,

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