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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mother Mary Comes to Me? Speaking words of wisdom...

I realize this may seem really out there, even for me, which makes it extremely uncomfortable yet I cannot shake this compelling force urging me to share this and asking each of you to do the same. So please, whether you believe or not, just trust this will be of help to someone and click your <3 b="" button.="" share="">

I don’t consider myself a religious person yet I believe various things that are contained in certain religious teachings.
The day before the attack on Boston I had a profound experience leading me to think about Mother Mary which then led me to take a picture of the sky. The moment I looked at the picture a wave of tingles spread throughout my body. Now I feel the need to talk about Mother Mary despite the fact that I know very little about her. I was not taught to include her in my life so hypothetically, if she really appeared to me, then I feel responsibility to find and pass on the core message.

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to this world to give us a warning. She comes to relieve the suffering. The mother of love, the mother of all, she wants us to love and to be safe. Open your hearts, show humility and love for yourself, your neighbor-for everyone. She’s inviting the entire world to prayer, urging us to include the source in our lives (God, creator, source, spirit) because it resides within the core of each and every one of us yet many fail to find a way to discover this— or they forget.  Whichever name you call your source, understand that to turn to it for help, guidance or comfort, you must find the way to tune into your core for this is what connects you— From core To core.

  We spend most of lives discovering and paying attention to that which surrounds us, neglecting what is within and what we assume to be true when THE most important truth is the foundation from which we all exist, the core. Our world cannot complete this shift of collective renewal and restoration until we shift our focus from outward to inward.

Blessed are the ones who BE.

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