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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working Hard to Succeed

 I’ve had many jobs in my life from blue collar to the corporate world. Who knows where I’d be today if I never got cancer but I know I was detoured because it wasn’t part of my plan.

Currently I’m raising two teenagers and I drive a school bus part-time. This is my job— for now. What I do for work is: finding ways to give back/pay it forward, learning new modalities in which to accomplish this, researching, researching and more researching, writing, reading and utilizing this amazing internal compass I have been blessed with.

My latest accomplishment—pictured below—is one that I take pride of for the mere fact that it has been on my bucket list since the year 2000. My children were three and six and I was a single mom enduring aggressive treatments for an aggressive breast cancer. I made the decision that I had to find a way to survive because I wanted to raise my children and help them raise theirs. Besides that, I had work to do!

When my therapist suggested Reiki I looked into it and while there weren’t many studies done on it, I somehow knew I needed it.

Reiki sessions were expensive and I had to find a way to come up with the money to at least try it. And once I discovered how beneficial it was in alleviating the side effects of my cancer treatments, I found a way to have a few more sessions.

Now fast-forward three years later to my most serious diagnosis of a very aggressive, rare cancer with very little treatment options and not much hope. I find myself once again seeking more Reiki and more money for Reiki. It just wasn’t fair! I wanted the Reiki because I knew it would make me feel better and help me through my treatments. I also felt that adding Reiki to my treatment protocol might just be the deciding factor in my survival. Maybe it was. In any case it was during this time that I decided that someday I would become certified myself so that I could make it available to others who need it— regardless of their ability to pay for it. That someday is here. That someday is now.

My success is not—nor ever will be— measured by how much money I have, but by the personal growth experienced by my audience and the number of people I can impact in a positive way.

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At February 29, 2012 12:47 PM , Anonymous Rich Lerman said...

I am so proud of you!

At March 03, 2012 5:21 PM , Anonymous Lisa Coury said...

Wendy - you have the ability to go after your dreams, and make them happen. I am so proud of you and even more proud to have you for a sister. Love you always. xoxo Lisa


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