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Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Need Help

The one thing blocking me from fulfilling my purpose— to be of service by utilizing my knowledge and sharing my wisdom— is the ability to communicate effectively. I can’t even convey just how much I struggle with — and I’m beginning to think there may be much more to— this than I originally thought. I’m researching ways to overcome this by perhaps taking classes with hope that practice and guidance will help me but I am now led to believe that it’s more than a skill I can learn. I think my brain is the problem and that I learn differently than the average person. Perhaps I have a learning disability.

I stumbled on a forum where someone reached out to see if there were others who struggle with this very thing and a few of the responses hit the nail on the head:

“Having to verbalize the visual images in my brain is a daunting task just by itself at times. Sometimes I wish I could just take the images and telepathically send them to other people. Would make my life a lot easier”

“My thoughts stop working when I start speaking”

"Sometimes my mind just goes blank in the middle of a conversation”

The more I read, the more I could relate. It brought me comfort to know I was not alone in my struggle. I then discovered that the forum I stumbled on was part of an Asperger’s network.

I have the inspiration, passion, ideas and various abilities to help so many people yet the one ability I lack is the one I need the most. Yes I know there is a reason for this and it’s all part of the process but right now I’m stumped and confused. I need help.

 I must find the way.

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