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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

PET Scan results

I spoke to Dr. Demetri's nurse regarding my PET Scan results. Nothing really worrisome showed up on the scan. What lit up was a lymph node in my neck and in my groin and it wasn't really bright so the concern is minimal. I still follow up with a doc in the Lance Armstrong Survivors Clinic in January and again with the surgeon in February so I can sit tight for now.

Love to you~


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Sunday, December 09, 2007

1st Games

Yesterday was Casey's first basketball game with the 5th grade travel team. We versed Swampscott at their high school and lost by 2 baskets. Malden played very well and it was a close game. Casey played very agressively! We were missing our top scorer due to the flu but still played our best. Casey's team has some great potential.

Today was Justin's first JV hockey game at the Groton School. We played Littleton High School and won 3-2. It was a very close game and very intense. Some of the kids are HUGE so it was a little scary for me to watch. It looked to me like Westford has 4+ lines of forwards and 3 lines of defense and I think this teams is going to do very well.

I'll take some pictures and post them soon.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pet Scan

Today I saw my Oncologist. He felt something but it was in a different spot so I had him feel the other thing. He's hoping it's just lymph nodes.

He printed up a copy of my CT report which looks good. He also pulled up the pictures on the computer to look for himself to see if lymph nodes showed up in the area but they didn't. So he agrees that I should have a PET Scan and I am going back on Friday for that. Also thinks if nothing shows up, I am already scheduled to see the surgeon again in February so maybe an ultrasound should be done if it comes to that.

That's all for now.


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