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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello everyone

I'm supposed to be packing but it's been on my mind, that I haven't written and besides that, I need a little break. Tomorrow I am going to California. My daughter flew down with her best friend Lauren and Lauren's family. In fact they moved there! They've been friends since they were 3 so this is a big deal. We planned for Casey to take her friend home and celebrate Lauren's birthday. Now I have to go to California to take Casey home. I know, poor me huh? lol
As it turns out my friend Ronda (who now lives in Florida) is meeting me in California for a mini vacation. I'll write all about it when I return. I also have to write about Disney. We planned a last minute trip and took the kids on July 5th. Justin is 14 and entering high school in a few weeks and Casey is now 10. For one reason or another (mainly my illnesses) my kids were unable to see Disney. I had a moment of panic now that Justin is going into high school and my thoughts were that it had to be now. So we did it and boy was it HOT! But we had fun and I feel a sense of relief.

Speaking of Justin, he is not going to Malden High School. Justin is going to live with his father during school and will be attending Westford Academy. Joe and Amie now live in Westford. They are now married and are expectin a baby girl around Halloween. Did I already post this news? See it's been so long that I forget. Now Casey will finally have a sister!! We are all thrilled and I get to be Auntie yet again. Jarrett is now 2 1/2 and such a trip. The child is obsessed with hockey! Love him to pieces.

Back in 2000 I met a woman named Kathleen during one of my chemo sessions. We kept in contact for a few years but lost touch when my computer crashed and my cell phone bit the bullet. I lost all my contact info and I was lost. Well this morning I received an e-mail from her and she found me by going on to this website. This triggered my need to post something today.

My website is only one thing on my very large list of things that I dropped the ball on. Sure I have excuses, some may be valid but what it all comes down to is that there really is no excuse! I started planning a reunion for a company I used to work for and it still hasn't happened. If any of you are out there, the planning is on. I have the location and I am setting the date for mid/late September. When I return from vacation an e-mail will be sent out and this WILL happen.

Thank you for reading my babble and I will write soon.

Love and light,


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