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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Oh Children of Mine

Dear Children,

If I were to die, let’s say tomorrow, next Mother’s Day would—in one word—suck. Believe me when I say the amount of regret cannot be measured. Each holiday or anniversary would be very difficult but every time Mother’s Day rolled around, it would get harder—until you had children of your own, then it will start to build on a new level bordering on excruciating. You find yourself resenting and losing respect to those who don’t fully appreciate their mothers.

As each year passes it gets worse and you will find yourself willing to give ANYTHING to spend just one more day with her. You will remember all her favorite things and want to give or do them with her. Her spirit can be with you but all you want to do is hear her voice. All you want is to hear any and everything she says. Her life is your guidebook and what do you know about her life?

I am going to spend today, Mother’s day honoring my mom and her life. Every single person I witness enveloped in the presence of their mom will hear from me.

Oh children of mine, don’t worry, I will help you see how much I love you. I will finish my book and be your guide.

All my love,

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