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Friday, March 28, 2008


Peter threw a surprise party for me Friday night at the Moose Hall! My friend Ronda who lives in Florida asked him a while back if anything was going on for my 40th. Peter is in the midst of planning a family reunion and his family is enormous so it takes a lot of work. Even still he managed to pull this off! What a great guy huh?

Ronda called last week to say she was coming in for a few days. She does this often so I thought nothing of it. Besides, my birthday already past. Because school was closed on Friday I had to work 10 hours at the daycare and that wipes me out. I was looking forward to going out for dinner with Peter and Ronda and getting to bed early because I had a long busy weekend ahead. My niece turned 18 and her party was Saturday. (I thought maybe they were having a cake for me since everybody would already be there). Anyway I still had to go grocery shopping very early on Saturday to cook for the party and had to take Casey to softball tryouts, oh and buy some Easter things for the kids.
Peter tells me we are making a quick stop to check out a DJ for the reunion. Since he had me check out the estate location for the reunion I didn't think much. That is until we walked into the Moose and there was silence.

It was so awesome to see all these wonderful people there! This was a true celebration in every sense of the word. There were a few times through the years with my health that I was not too sure that I would see 40! Let's just say that I had my moments. But I decided that no matter what, I will live pretty much as long as I want. At least another 40 years and they are going to be fabulous!!!!

The hall looked wonderful!! My family did such a great job decorating! My cake had my baby picture on it and there were balloons everywhere. Peter gave my sister Lisa a bunch of pictures and she made 3 huge framed collages with such awesome pictures!! I still can't get over how much I love them and I will cherish them more than anything!! I joked and told her that if I die then these will be great for the funeral home! lol
Anyway, I will be posting pictures on my site in the very near future. My cousin Iris took what I think will be some great photos and Peter has some that I may start scanning in this weekend.
My brother-in-law Curt was taking video and my nephew Alex edited it. I was shaking as I walked into the hall but I don't think you can tell on the video. Maybe I'll post a clip from that as well.

All I know is that I have a ton of thank you cards to send out. I am actually going to enjoy this as I am more thankful this year than ever!!

Love and light,


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

How I spent my Birthday

Ok so now I am 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I look it, I don't feel it and I certainly don't and never will act it!

40 is great and the next 40 will be even greater.

My birthday was spent at the hospital. lol Pretty funny way to spend the day.

I stayed home with my daughter on Monday because she spent the entire night throwing up every hour until 6AM. I started feeling crappy during the day so I napped with her and then I spiked a fever. I pretty much slept the next few days feeling nauseous and with fever but my lower back was killing me and I mostly tossed and turned.

Yesterday morning I decided that I should be seen because I thought I had a kidney stone. I spent 12 hours in the ER. I had blood in my urine(indication of a stone possible) but something else was in the urine (urobilinogen) which made them think possibly pancreas related. Blood tests were awesome but the CT scan showed some sludge in my gallbladder. Chest x-ray showed stuff on my left lung. Now they think pulmonary embolism! So now I needed a HIDA scan and another CT with contrast. HIDA scan took forever because my gallbladder wouldn't release the dye, probably from the sludge (how gross) but it did finally release some of it so it works but may attribute to some of the pain. CT was fine so the xray must have been a shadow and the urobilinogen was less on the next urine test and not found in my blood.

They think I may have passed a stone and I had some inflamtion in my mesenteric area of the abdomen so most likely compounded with a virus.

Anyway, I am fine. I am great actually. And I bet you wanted to know all of this huh?

Peter treated me by bringing home sushi and lo-mein and we let Casey stay up a little late to chow down with us.

So it's off to work for me.

Love and light~


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