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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Leap of Faith

I had just turned 32 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2000. It was- of course- awful, but not a shock. It was also very scary and I feared for my life- but, somehow, I knew I would pull through. According to my surgeon Beth, my last words-before losing consciousness from the anesthesia-were "Beth, I am going to beat this thing!" So very many women (and some men) receive this diagnosis every day. I was not alone."The battle may be long, but the spirit is strong".

Three years later I received another diagnosis: Angiosarcoma : very rare malignant tumors that arise from endothelial cells lining vascular channels and one of the most aggressive cancers. AS has a dismal prognosis with a 5 year overall survival rate of 30%.

My world came to a crashing holt. I was alone. I truly had to fend for myself and find a way to survive. AS, being so rare, with no data to support any decisions in what protocol to take- made this challenge the most difficult I hope to ever face. I had to decide what protocol to try- and what a giant leap of faith that was considering the consequences. I had no choice but to choose and decided that I was NOT leaving my children and that was that. I took the leap. I got lucky and I was spared. Sadly, this is hardly the case for so many others.

Because Angiosarcoma is still so rare, focus on cancer research goes to common types of cancer. I can understand why. They have the numbers. BUT- If you read about the research that we are advocating for, you will see that we are on to something huge! We have reason to believe that our research has high potential to reveal or unlock the door for not only AS, but many solid tumors as well (common cancers)!

Please, take a moment to consider what I am saying and take a leap of faith. By helping us, you may very well be helping yourself or those you hold dear ~

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A call to action. Who do you know?

Cancer project: Who do you know? Who might they know?
The Angiosarcoma research project I am advocating for has high potential to uncover the missing piece in a cure for many other cancers. Details are now disclosed on our website: http://www.angiosarcomaawareness.org/Angiosarcoma_Research.html

Who do you know? Who might they know? You might not have the resources, but you might know someone (who knows someone else) with the connection to make this happen. Your part in this can make it happen.

Broad scale implications of this research:

All solid tumors need a blood supply and recruit blood vessels through angiogenesis. In cancer, this is an aberrant process with misregulation of angiogenesis. Angiosarcoma IS aberrant angiogenesis,... if we unlock the processes that drive aberrant angiogenesis in angiosarcoma, we may be able to apply that knowledge to targeting the aberrant process in other solid tumors. The development of therapies that inhibit angiosarcoma may then be of benefit in fighting other solid tumors. In addition, the use of microRNA and methylation array platforms for studying the epigenetics of cancer is an emerging field using cutting edge technologies. This project will be at the forefront of cancer research allowing others to gain knowledge that can be applied to the overall field of cancer genomics.

If there was ever a time to call in a favor, this is it!!

Love and light,


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