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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sneak Peak

How many people can accredit a balloon as being instrumental in saving them from a fate not destined (though possible) yet one hindering on a key decision?

There are a handful of people in this world who I’ve shared this story with—a story which depicts one of the most key defining moments in my life— and one which saved it by altering its direction.

With the deepest conviction one could have as a result of an unheard of event and one so profound and almost unfathomable, I feel compelled and I am determined to see my vision to fruition.

Here is a sneak peak of the actual balloon and door. For the actual story you’ll have to wait for me to finish my book and read about it unless some lucky filmmaker decides to enlist my help in creating a life-changing movie first.

Still to this day I find myself in awe over the events that occurred one day back in the year 2000. Some days it’s even (almost) difficult to comprehend the magnitude of it all and I wonder, why me? That’s when I experience what J.Lo calls “The Goosies” and am reminded how blessed I truly am.



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Saturday, March 03, 2012

It's OK to Fall Down

Each day we are given the choice to experience events that offer significance and potential to further grow, evolve and develop within our higher selves. I need reminding now and again but the more I practice using my internal compass, the easier the events— to experience— manifest.

My methods of teaching, guiding, and of planting the seeds are by telling stories —based on examples from events in my life— in hopes of depicting it in such a way that my audience will relate on a personal level and learn to apply “the lessons” in their own life and in their own unique way. This reminds me of something that happened recently on a Saturday. I woke up that day and began to think of all the things I needed to do and began to prioritize. My first thought was to bring my dog to the dog park in the woods and that it would be nice if perhaps my niece and her dog joined us. I needed to get a few things from a Trader Joe’s that sells wine— to bring to a family event the following day— and I needed to walk my dog because we both needed exercise and fresh air. And while there was much, much more I should have/could have done, I made the decision that I would not allow myself to create a strict agenda and would remain flexible and open to go with the flow.

On the drive to pick up my niece it occurred to me that the Trader Joe’s on Memorial Drive in Cambridge sells wine and is located across the street from the Charles River. I much prefer to walk along the water so I went with the flow and changed up my itinerary.

As niece and I were walking our dogs along the Charles River I suddenly caught an uneven patch of the pavement in such a way that I could not stop myself from falling down. What surprised me is not that I fell— or the fact that I basically did a somersault—but that I sprung up so fast and so effortlessly. In the past this sort of thing might have taken days, weeks, or months of cultivation to resonate but the meaning/ lesson from this one came to me the very instant I sprung to my feet.

I explained to my niece who— at the time was very concerned by my fall— that I was not only fine, but I was wonderful!! There are times when we will fall and it will take a while to get back on our feet. There will be times when we need to ask for assistance in getting back on our feet. The bottom line is that we are all going to fall from time to time and it’s all up to us to get up. It’s up to us to know how to get back on our feet on track and to ask for help if we need it. While it may be scary at times, the more we do — the more we fall—the more we experience and the easier it becomes. Eventually our subsequent falls will barely leave a mark. Perhaps they will finally receive the recognition they deserve. After all, they exist to help us. They serve a purpose!

When we “get it”— the reason/purpose/lesson— it’s always in hindsight. What I’m discovering is that, for me, the turnaround time—between an experience and the lessons contained within them—has decreased so significantly that it sometimes creates feelings of an endorphin high. Bonus! I’ve reached the point where I am able to quickly recognize and decipher significant clues for my evolution— and with little effort. And now, almost every day I am flooded with such unique experiences that all contain a wealth of wisdom. I feel wealthy! I feel high on life. This one tiny experience contained significance for me and served as validation of how far I’ve come and as a reminder of all the work I did to get here.

Discovering your internal compass— and learning how to use it— will lead you where you need to be.

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